HAHA. I get out of school tomorrow. I’m very happy. I won’t have to see anyone that I hate anymore. 

Good bye to everyone and have a great summer. Even though I don’t really care.

I’m going to miss everyone that I LIKE and most of the people that I don’t hate.

Anyways, today’s graduation and I’m very excited.

Have a good day everyone! :)

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‘Teen Wolf’ Shouldn’t Have Killed Off [SPOILER]

Hollywood Life

Fans were shocked after the March 17 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ killed off one of its core characters. It was revealed after the show aired that the actor playing this character wanted to be written out, but was their death really the best way to do it?

Another post-Moonday, another heavy heart. Jeff Davis, why do you wound your fans so? In the most shocking — and pointless — death of the series’ run, a fan favorite and core cast member was stabbed through the stomach by one of the “Oni” — the dark henchmen now controlled by the nogitsune with Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien‘s) face. In an exclusive post-mortem interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor that was killed off revealed that they actually wanted to be written out of Teen Wolf! But was the best way to honor their wishes (and their character’s memory) to kill them…

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Kitten ^.^

Kitten ^.^

This… This picture, Is the cutest picture I have ever seen. It is so adorable! I want that kitten so badly.. Awwwweeeee IT’S ADORABLE! AND I WANT IT.

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Teen Wolf

Today is the day…..

Teen Wolf… The new episode ^.^ 

I can’t waitttttt!

I love Teen Wolf. 

It’s the best show ever!!

Other then PLL.

But Oh my god!

It’s gonna be on today!

And its a new episode.


I can’t wait!


Gabby is……Weird

The good kind of weird




Gabby is awesome




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Vampire Academy

A few days ago, I went and watched Vampire Academy at the movies. It was a pretty cool movie. I really liked that movie. It was one of the best movies ever. Anyways, I think you should watch it. Just be careful though. There might be somethings you might not want to see.

Vampire Academy wasn’t bad at all. Some people thought it was a weird movie, but that is because they only watched the end of the movie. If they watched the whole movie, I personally think they would have liked it, because seriously it’s a pretty cool movie.

That is all I have for today.

See you next time!


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Teen Wolf is tonight and I can’t wait. I have been waiting all week for Teen Wolf. It’s one of the best shows ever! I’m so excited tp watch Teen Wolf tonight. It comes on every Monday. I’m not really patient but I wait. And its tonight so I can’t wait!!!

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My Favorite Viners In The Whole Entire World.

My Favorite Viners In The Whole Entire World.

These guys are the most amazing viners in the entire world. I love all of their vines. They are all hilarious. They are also the only viners that I stalk. Yes I stalk them, BUT, No I don’t care! Words don’t describe how amazing they are. They are the best. SPEECHLESS. :D Hope you liked this photo of the best viners in the whole entire world. You should totally watch their vines. BTW I’m only talking about Nash, Matthew, Cameron, and Carter. Carter doesn’t really show only his shirt does soo… Yeaa. He is the one in the white t-shirt. Now I’m seriously done. Bye.

Very Happy. Very Bored.

Well.. Im very happy. And I’ve been happy for a few days. And I’m happy because the most specialist person made me happy. But sometimes that person can be a really big pain. I can trust this person with anything and everything. This person means a lotto me. I care about that person very much. I don’t like when that person is sad, I like when that person is happy. Because when that person is happy I’m happy.

I’m very bored. I want to go home and sleep. I’m not sure why. I feel like falling asleep right now. In class. Juts putting my head down. And just fall asleep. And not learn anything. Because I don’t like to learn. Or think. Or do anything unless it’s something I like to do. Like read. I don’t have to keep getting up and go different places to read. At home I can just sit on my bed and read all day,

I don’t know what to do right now. I’m sitting down in class writing this and talking about how bored I am while being bored and writing. Isn’t that cool? No. I just wanna leave and go to sleep! :( I don’t want to be at school  today. But oh well… It’s Friday anyways so I’m very happy. I have a whole weekend to myself. And I don’t have to do anything. Except for my homework. Which i am going to try to finish before I leave. I am exhausted because I typed all of this. So I am going to stop after saying goodbye. GOODBYE! :)

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